Saint Patricks Day Parade

17th March 2019 Doolin Pier to Russell Cultural Centre

Saint Patricks Day Parade – Doolin is the place to be on St Patrick’s day!

The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade makes its way through Doolin on the saint’s national day March 17th. The parade usually starts at Doolin Pier around 1:30 pm. It makes its way down Fisher Street and through Doolin to Roadford and finishes up at the Russell Community Centre.

Doolin - Do St Patricks Day - Festival - Parade

The parade is enjoyed by locals & tourists alike; with an entertaining mix of floats ranging from school children playing trad music to topical sketches.

There are many places along the route to stand & watch but traditionally people gather in front of each of the village pubs, where afterward they enjoy warm food, great company & the best music.

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